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January 24, 2001
We Love To See You Smile
In which Little Tim is a rotten role model for the neighbourhood tots and Bernie gets a chance to show off a little.
January 30, 2001
Persuasion, Part One
In which Yi plots to teach Bernie Persuasion for Practical Purposes.
March 07, 2001
Hell Freezes Over
In which Bernie is actually convinced to give Rotem one last serious chance. And a Guinness. A mysterious unknown caller tells the Gnawers it knows about the bones and can help. And, Nevada takes Bernie out for a lesson...
March 09, 2001
Let's Make A Deal!
In which The Mysterious Mechanical Voice calls back to continue the negotiations...
April 16, 2001
In which Bernie brings Anneka a gift, and the cub gets some discussion... and exercise.
July 21, 2001
Books And The Books
In which Bernie and Anneka go to the library.
January 24, 2003
A Vôtre Santé
In which Raphael meets Rina and the previously-noticed Salem.
February 17, 2012
A Phone Call
A telephone call offers unexpected help.
February 17, 2012
All Meetings Are Improved By Pizza
Pizza, the PI, Sera, and Kaz.
November 08, 2015
Shake, Rattle, and Roll
That's great,
It starts with an earthquake