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November 13, 2000
Jay's Gathering
In which many people attend Jay's Gathering, and Bernie hears a tale of a Rite of Passage.
(IC date 11/13, OOC 11/17.)
November 19, 2000
Now That's Dedication...
In which Bernie finally gets her clothes dedicated!
January 22, 2001
I Think I Would've Preferred 'Dare'
In which Bernie properly meets Joey and Junior, Truth or Dare is not played, and Roger and Alicia embarrass Bernie half to death.
January 23, 2001
Open, Sez Me...
In which Bernie learns a gift!
January 25, 2001
Advanced Dungeons And Werewolves
In which Bernie and Joey draw parallels between role playing games and their own situation, and Matt gets a much-needed backrub.
January 28, 2001
"Am I dead?" "...Not yet."
In which Bernie is somewhat traumatized by the aftermath of Rotem's firsting (though possibly not as badly as the church doors are), Matt continues to make himself beloved of the Gnawers, and cookies are eaten. With milk. Mmmm, milk.
February 04, 2001
Stuff And Nonsense
In which Bernie learns the meaning of Stuff, which is not at all like the meaning of Christmas, and other things are discussed.
February 08, 2001
Bernie's First Moot
In which Bernie chats with (at various times) Yi, Alicia, Collin (relating the tale of Steven's misfortune again), Sepdet, and Joseph, as well as attending her first moot
February 09, 2001
In which Yi helps Banecruncher find the mind he lost, Kaz shows Bernie the park's Umbra, and Bernie recruits another co-conspirator...
February 10, 2001
Ophelia Enters The Hamlet
In which an old Gnawer Cliath returns with a new Walker cub.