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November 01, 2000
What a Friendly Town...
In which Bernie is first discovered, and people act strangely.
November 02, 2000
In which Bernie is cubnapped, technically, but with a minimum of fuss, and Signe's upholstery is endangered.
November 03, 2000
First Change
In which Bernie has her first change. Bet you didn't see THAT one coming.
December 29, 2000
Font of Information
In which Rina and Steven display an interesting dynamic, and Bernie learns some local history.
January 07, 2001
They're Joking, Right?
In which Rina seriously flusters Bernie, Steven threatens to marry Alicia, and Bernie is fine, dammit, now leave me alone!
January 12, 2001
In which Bernie gets rides on two motorbikes, and at least three seperate scenes are played -- maybe four.
January 26, 2001
But Wait, There's More
In which Bernie gets to see another nifty gift.
February 04, 2001
Stuff And Nonsense
In which Bernie learns the meaning of Stuff, which is not at all like the meaning of Christmas, and other things are discussed.
April 01, 2001
Cub Scouting
In which the Gnawers acquire a new cub, in a new contender for "Easiest Cubnapping" to compete with Bernie's...
January 24, 2003
A Vôtre Santé
In which Raphael meets Rina and the previously-noticed Salem.