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November 08, 2000
Say Hello To My Little Friend!
In which the park is briefly overrun with Gnawers.
January 24, 2001
We Love To See You Smile
In which Little Tim is a rotten role model for the neighbourhood tots and Bernie gets a chance to show off a little.
January 26, 2001
But Wait, There's More
In which Bernie gets to see another nifty gift.
February 18, 2001
Dirty Jobs, But Someone's Gotta Do Them
In which Bernie beautifies the park, as usual, and there is discussion of various topics.
February 25, 2001
In which Bernie visits Kaz and Max, eats Chinese food, and gets beat on, but it's a good thing.
March 02, 2001
Some Cubs Never Learn
In which Bernie tells Rotem off, and said cub talks himself into an asskicking. Again. No, not from Bernie. Sorry to disappoint. ;)
March 28, 2001
They'll Drink Your Beer!
In which Bernie tells Kaz about her RoP, Kaz tells Matt a bit about Trouble, and the Decadence is generally overrun with Gnawers. Poor Matt.
April 26, 2001
Things That Aren't Kosher For A Thousand, Alex
In which Bernie finds out about the nightclub incident, John comes bearing a gift in honour of Anneka, and there's some Raggie bonding (not to be confused with Raggie bondage).
April 28, 2001
Terms Of Enhancement
In which Kaz has finally been given her challenge!
May 08, 2001
Rotem's Gathering
In which things get interesting, Bernie hunts for a Philodox, and Rotem's Gathering and burial take place.