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November 01, 2000
What a Friendly Town...
In which Bernie is first discovered, and people act strangely.
November 02, 2000
In which Bernie is cubnapped, technically, but with a minimum of fuss, and Signe's upholstery is endangered.
November 03, 2000
First Change
In which Bernie has her first change. Bet you didn't see THAT one coming.
November 04, 2000
Thistle Boy
In which Ethan is less than tactful.
November 05, 2000
Poisoning Perceptions In The Park
In which Bernie learns some more of the Litany, a bit about the social caste structure, and quite a bit about Rat. And has a couple eggrolls, too.
November 13, 2000
Jay's Gathering
In which many people attend Jay's Gathering, and Bernie hears a tale of a Rite of Passage.
(IC date 11/13, OOC 11/17.)
November 27, 2000
In which Bernie gets some practice with twice as many legs as usual, and a book is returned.
January 14, 2001
In which Bernie meets Aaliyah and Cindy and a cake is made for Yi's birthday.
January 15, 2001
Unarmed Combat
In which Bernie doesn't quite have sparring practice.
January 17, 2001
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
In which the responsible thing is done. Sort of.