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December 26, 2000
Meeting The Family
In which Bernie meets more kin, though in one case she doesn't know it, and lists off all her siblings. Hey, that's more of an event than it sounds like.
December 31, 2000
HoHos and Cocoa
In which chocolate-laden snacks and beverages are shared, and family ties are pointed out.
January 07, 2001
They're Joking, Right?
In which Rina seriously flusters Bernie, Steven threatens to marry Alicia, and Bernie is fine, dammit, now leave me alone!
February 05, 2001
Fun With Subtexts
In which Bernie and Marcus chat, and have donuts...
March 07, 2001
Hell Freezes Over
In which Bernie is actually convinced to give Rotem one last serious chance. And a Guinness. A mysterious unknown caller tells the Gnawers it knows about the bones and can help. And, Nevada takes Bernie out for a lesson...
March 09, 2001
In which Bernie and Marcus have coffee, pie, and a late night chat.
March 28, 2001
I Vant To Pluck Your Blood...
In which Bernie asks an unusual favour of Marcus.