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November 15, 2000
Down On The Farm
In which Bernie first visits the Farmhouse, and has an omelette with Matt.
November 16, 2000
How Not To Get Thrown Through Plate Glass
In which Bernie meets God, and also Steven.
November 21, 2000
In which Matt very nearly has a heart attack. And sammiches!
December 23, 2000
Gifted Children
In which gifts are exchanged and dancing ensues. Plus, Bernie meets Alicia.
December 28, 2000
Cub Meeting
In which people claim to be too busy for roleplaying games! Go figure. Also, Bernie gets to reciprocate the giving of nifty gifts with Max...
January 03, 2001
You're So Vain, I Bet You Think This Log Is About You
In which friendly pranks are pulled, some more successfully than others.
January 08, 2001
A Long And Badly Titled Day
In which Bernie meets Adam, Lucca, and Daisy, Tom refuses to come out and play, and a gift is quite well received.
January 10, 2001
Exploring New Territory...
In which Bernie goes to the Umbra for the first time, meets a spirit, and sees stars...
January 12, 2001
In which Bernie gets rides on two motorbikes, and at least three seperate scenes are played -- maybe four.
January 14, 2001
In which Bernie meets Aaliyah and Cindy and a cake is made for Yi's birthday.