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November 01, 2000
What a Friendly Town...
In which Bernie is first discovered, and people act strangely.
November 03, 2000
First Change
In which Bernie has her first change. Bet you didn't see THAT one coming.
November 05, 2000
Poisoning Perceptions In The Park
In which Bernie learns some more of the Litany, a bit about the social caste structure, and quite a bit about Rat. And has a couple eggrolls, too.
November 08, 2000
Say Hello To My Little Friend!
In which the park is briefly overrun with Gnawers.
March 05, 2001
Elders, Packs, and Frank N. Furter
In which there is much chatting at the Rialto -- with a musical interlude from Nevada.
March 21, 2001
Tell Me A Story
In which there is chatting at the Church, the Gnawer cubs each tell the stories of their first Umbral combats, Yi gets a tour of the Decadence, and Matt returns from his Rite!