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February 20, 2001
Hate To Greet And Run...
In which Bernie says hello to Alicia, Cameron, and Eamon, and that's about it, really.
February 21, 2001
If You Don't Know Me By Now...
In which Bernie finally meets the legendary Chugs, challenges and dominance are discussed, Kaz rants, and Bernie properly meets Cameron. A good time is had by all. Mostly.
February 23, 2001
99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall...
In which Bernie vents a little to Alicia, and proceeds to join Cameron in his quest to decimate the Farmhouse's stock of Guinness.
February 26, 2001
Skeletons In The Basement
In which Bernie is pretty much ignored, comforts Alicia, meets Tecmessa, and learns more about the Skeleton situation from Glissa, in about that order. Oh, and has cocoa, and generally chats a little, too.
February 28, 2001
Just A Basic Evening, Really
In which nothing particularly thrilling happens, but there's some Bigfoot discussion, some late news, and Alicia moves to the Sept Compound, where she and Bernie meet Brigid.
March 03, 2001
Beer Therapy
In which Bernie gets drunk. Sure, other things also happen, but that's the really new and unusual one.
March 04, 2001
Juggling Eggs
In which Cameron kindly helps Bernie with the aftereffects of the previous evening, Bernie finally manages to talk to Leda about the Bigfoot-related weirdo-distraction idea, and Bernie and Kaz discuss a Plan-related problem.
March 06, 2001
Kiss And Make Up
In which Bernie and Alicia make up, and Bernie has a very interesting day...
March 11, 2001
In which Bernie is utterly embarrassed, Alicia is seriously pissed off, and Cameron is a Bad Influence, but it's fun.... for the most part.
March 13, 2001
The Cubs Are Alright
In which Bernie tells Alicia all about the morning's events, Summer comes by bearing produce, and Cameron's effect on the female cubs' moods is less than salutary.