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February 13, 2001
History and Anthropology
In which Kaz gets a surprising suggestion from Elan and tells Bernie more about the BSDs and other history, and news is related at the Farmhouse.
February 26, 2001
Skeletons In The Basement
In which Bernie is pretty much ignored, comforts Alicia, meets Tecmessa, and learns more about the Skeleton situation from Glissa, in about that order. Oh, and has cocoa, and generally chats a little, too.
February 28, 2001
Just A Basic Evening, Really
In which nothing particularly thrilling happens, but there's some Bigfoot discussion, some late news, and Alicia moves to the Sept Compound, where she and Bernie meet Brigid.
March 29, 2001
Wolves Like Ice Cream
In which people eat and talk at Denny's.