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January 10, 2016
Who's That Guy?
Well of course I'd like
To stay and chew the fat
Well of course I'd like
To sit around and chat
But someone's listening in
January 10, 2016
Brand New Moon
This is the end of what we know,
Where do we go?
January 31, 2016
Terms and Conditions
Tell me what, tell me what
Tell me what I've got to do
April 07, 2016
Birthday Special
I guess this isn't
what we had in mind
and I can already tell
by the look in your eye
that something's going on inside
April 11, 2016
Can We Fix It?
Will he though?
Probably not
April 14, 2016
Inspiration On Demand
Now is the time
Let everyone see
You never give up
That's how it should be
May 13, 2016
Challenging Me
So tell me right now
You think you're ready for it
I wanna know
June 04, 2016
Pop Goes The World
Yes, it's the simple equation
Of black and white
The mathematical film
Of wrong minus right
The calculation of good over bad
Ever feel like you've been had?
June 09, 2016
Ask For Answers
Evasion from the case,
Just to see what I will take
Lead me, lead me on,
Because you know I want to swing
Question that I'm pressing,
Is there anything?
June 12, 2016
Terms and Conditions Apply
This is your mission
Should you choose to accept it
Well, I hope that you do