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September 04, 2015
Pool Shark
Got in a tight spot
Hustling a game of pool,
With a couple of redneck boys,
And one great big fat biker man
September 23, 2015
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
There's so many good ways
So many good ways
So many good ways to be bad
(IC date 9/23, OOC 9/25-9/29.)
October 21, 2015
Not All Right
Now I don't know much
But I can tell
When something's wrong
And something's wrong
November 01, 2015
And me and the ghetto boys
Were trick or treating
Robbing little kids for bags
November 01, 2015
Cast out this presence within
We tie her down,
For the sake of her own
November 07, 2015
I'm Trying as Hard as I Can... But All I Really Wanna Do Is Fuck Off And Get High
Oh, I know it's not much
But it's the best I can do
November 11, 2015
School Lunch
And this one’s for the kids
That at lunch sit alone
So embarassed you pretendin’
That you’re on the phone
November 24, 2015
Boys Wanna Fight
Give me a reason
C'mon now make my day
'cause I'm out of cheeks
To turn the other way
December 21, 2015
Cafe Society
It's nice to see you in the park
Or at the bus stop
Well, it's nice to see you
January 08, 2016
Crash the Party
Let's go crash that party down
In Normaltown tonight