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November 13, 2000
Jay's Gathering
In which many people attend Jay's Gathering, and Bernie hears a tale of a Rite of Passage.
(IC date 11/13, OOC 11/17.)
December 25, 2000
Like Dancing, Only Completely Different
In which Bernie and Alicia chat over cake, and Roger gives out free advice and opinons. Get 'em while they're hot!
January 08, 2001
A Long And Badly Titled Day
In which Bernie meets Adam, Lucca, and Daisy, Tom refuses to come out and play, and a gift is quite well received.
January 23, 2001
Open, Sez Me...
In which Bernie learns a gift!
February 06, 2001
Mah Biscuits Are Burnin'!
In which there is chatting and teaching, Bernie meets Sepdet and sees the fabled Righ, and Steven's ass is even hotter than usual (I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist).
February 08, 2001
Bernie's First Moot
In which Bernie chats with (at various times) Yi, Alicia, Collin (relating the tale of Steven's misfortune again), Sepdet, and Joseph, as well as attending her first moot
February 11, 2001
WWF (WereWolf Farmhouse) Smackdown!
In which Yi gives Rotem the -serious- smackdown. And everyone thinks it's about damn time. Go Yi!
April 01, 2001
Cub Scouting
In which the Gnawers acquire a new cub, in a new contender for "Easiest Cubnapping" to compete with Bernie's...