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November 16, 2000
How Not To Get Thrown Through Plate Glass
In which Bernie meets God, and also Steven.
February 08, 2001
Bernie's First Moot
In which Bernie chats with (at various times) Yi, Alicia, Collin (relating the tale of Steven's misfortune again), Sepdet, and Joseph, as well as attending her first moot
April 26, 2001
Things That Aren't Kosher For A Thousand, Alex
In which Bernie finds out about the nightclub incident, John comes bearing a gift in honour of Anneka, and there's some Raggie bonding (not to be confused with Raggie bondage).
April 28, 2001
Public Service
In which the park is tidied and there's general discussion.
May 05, 2001
Right On Target
In which Bernie and Collin have some more Ragabash fun, this time at the expense of a real ass...
May 09, 2001
Cold Coffee and Collin
In which Collin is a relatively comforting presence.
May 11, 2001
And No Oral Sex Anywhere To Be Had
In which Bernie and Collin hang out, raise the planet's bullshit levels, and get drunk.
May 14, 2001
Zen Yahtzee
In which Bernie recruits Collin to help with the destructive part of the plan, and they have milkshakes at Denny's. Much to their waiter's dismay.
May 17, 2001
In which Bernie takes her little team into SCCU during the banquet to steal or destroy all the evidence and research they can find about the bones.
May 20, 2001
In which the Ragabi wake up after just a tad too much to drink the night before...