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November 03, 2000
First Change
In which Bernie has her first change. Bet you didn't see THAT one coming.
January 07, 2001
They're Joking, Right?
In which Rina seriously flusters Bernie, Steven threatens to marry Alicia, and Bernie is fine, dammit, now leave me alone!
January 23, 2001
Open, Sez Me...
In which Bernie learns a gift!
February 08, 2001
Bernie's First Moot
In which Bernie chats with (at various times) Yi, Alicia, Collin (relating the tale of Steven's misfortune again), Sepdet, and Joseph, as well as attending her first moot
February 13, 2001
History and Anthropology
In which Kaz gets a surprising suggestion from Elan and tells Bernie more about the BSDs and other history, and news is related at the Farmhouse.
February 18, 2001
Dirty Jobs, But Someone's Gotta Do Them
In which Bernie beautifies the park, as usual, and there is discussion of various topics.
October 02, 2001
October Moot
In which Bernie catches the end of the Moot.
October 21, 2001
Raggie Moot
In which Bernie and Yi ringmaster a Ragabash moot.
July 11, 2002
Those We Lost, Those Left Behind
In which a gathering is held for those lost in the retaking of the Caern (alas, Bernie misses much of it) and no one talks very much afterward.