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February 20, 2001
Hate To Greet And Run...
In which Bernie says hello to Alicia, Cameron, and Eamon, and that's about it, really.
February 26, 2001
Skeletons In The Basement
In which Bernie is pretty much ignored, comforts Alicia, meets Tecmessa, and learns more about the Skeleton situation from Glissa, in about that order. Oh, and has cocoa, and generally chats a little, too.
March 04, 2001
Juggling Eggs
In which Cameron kindly helps Bernie with the aftereffects of the previous evening, Bernie finally manages to talk to Leda about the Bigfoot-related weirdo-distraction idea, and Bernie and Kaz discuss a Plan-related problem.
March 15, 2001
Sex And Violence
In which Bernie brings Alicia a message, meets Allie, gets thrown around the Barn by Yi, and recuperates in the loft with Matt.